Systems Thinking in our work – a 7-minute presentation

I volunteered at work to give a 20×21 presentation. You get 21 slides and they advance automatically every 20 seconds, so you have precisely 7 minutes to say what you want to say. We have a 20×21 every month and it is a great opportunity for a kind of extended “elevator speech”.

I decided this was the moment to share with my colleagues the way I see systems thinking in our work and how helpful it might be. In PQR terms, the presentation was to introduce my colleagues to some central systems thinking ideas by showing examples which were grounded in our work so that they would know that this is one option when planning and implementing future research.

You cannot believe how difficult it was getting it to the right length, but the PQR helped provide a boundary.

Here it is: Systems Thinking in our work.

I so hope you enjoy it. I got great feedback and then…. nothing. What should I do next to keep this conversation going?


  1. […] for you. This is what has just happened in my Linked In systems group. I shared the video of my 20×21 presentation  on systems thinking at my work. For me that was the end of that. Presentation prepared, delivered, […]

  2. […] of interlinked problems which are different depending who is seeing them. I mentioned this in my 20×21 talk and said, “The most we can do with this kind of problematic, messy situation is not solve it but […]

  3. Great presentation – so much in 7 minutes! To keep the conversation going, (1) I’ve subscribed to your blog among a few others and started to follow a few people on Twitter. (BT announcing that they will stop using the My Yahoo portal – I use it for RSS feeds – was the trigger.) To keep the conversation going (2) you could follow Ackoff’s example, and “go on about it” from particular points of view (do link back to the “all about systems” presentation for completeness, though).

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