an empathy revolution

Achieving social change is like riding an elephant. Reason is the rider, feelings are the elephant and the change leader (management or whoever) are responsible both for making sure that the path is where the elephant is, and that it is a clear path without scary obstacles.

This is the view of this blog post about the most important personality trait of an Enterprise Architect. Once I had worked out what an Enterprise Architect is thanks to Wikipedia…

Enterprise architecture (EA) is the process of translating business vision and strategy into effective enterprise change by creating, communicating and improving the key requirements, principles and models that describe the enterprise’s future state and enable its evolution.[1]

Practitioners of EA call themselves enterprise architects. An enterprise architect is a person responsible for performing this complex analysis of business structure and processes and is often called upon to draw conclusions from the information collected. By producing this understanding, architects are attempting to address the goals of Enterprise Architecture: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Agility, and Durability.[2]

I found it an insightful read. The role of empathy in social change is highly under-rated. The RSA video embedded in the blog, The Power of Outroversion, defines empathy not only as the capacity to feel other people’s feelings in a mirrored way. But also the capacity to get under the skin of others to understand what motivates them – including the strong and powerful.

The lack of action on climate change is an empathy failure by this reasoning. We need new social institutions and an EMPATHY REVOLUTION for effective social change.


  1. Pleased you liked the link to Nick’s piece. I can’t explain what an EA is, but I did try to say what an EA should deliver at if that helps you at all to understand such mysterious beasts

  2. Amen! Yes, we need an empathy revolution! And I know I need to slow down to really USE the practice.

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