About this blog

Change, development and learning. These are the concerns that exercise me. I am a novice in Systems Thinking having completed a MSc in 2012, I am a novice in my new workplace, where I started work in 2012  in agricultural and forest biodiversity research to improve people’s lives in the developing world, and I am a novice blogger—also since 2012.

I want to be better at those things, and at the same time I want to contribute to those things being done better. Well the blogging not so much. But the world of agriculture research for development, the world of systems thinking and reflections on how we do things at home and at work.

This blog is then a place where I can bring together my reading on systems, systemic thinking, learning, social learning and change and reflect on how these themes are relevant in my life and in my work. I am curious to unpack and reflect on what is that we do when we do what we do (to quote Ray Ison)—what are the assumptions we work within? what are the ethics and power-jostling of change?

I love the place I work and the teams I work within, but there are such frustrations at the same time. Is it only me? I love to question and to unpack what we do. We can always become better.

Kurt Lewin frequently claimed he could only think in a group. I am the same. My ideas when inside my head remain unformed and floppy, boundary-less. By discussing them with others, opening them to challenge, critique and even ridicule, I can understand better what my ideas are, what shape they have and how they fit with other ideas. What they are not as well as what they are.

Comments are encouraged. Challenge and contest are the most useful way to expand the human limits of our knowledge.

This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.

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