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Strategizing when everything is unknowable

Our Community of Practice has been writing a strategy document to help us get a shared understanding of what we are doing. It has a vision and mission. It says a bit about why we think our workplace needs this focus on gender and social inclusion in our research into biodiversity for development and in […]

Development as an emergent property

You don’t get a better explanation on the complexity of development than this video. Make a cup of tea and put your feet up as it is 45 minutes long. But worth every minute. Two things that I love about this video: It sees development not as a series of successes towards a finite end, […]

Slow ideas, complex ideas

Some ideas spread fast. How do you speed the ones that don’t? asks the New Yorker. When anaesthesia was introduced in 1849, it soon swept across the world and was taken up as a worldwide innovation within seven years. When in 1867 Joseph Lister published a new method—the use of antiseptics—to eliminate germs and reduce […]