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Communication between communities: are we speaking the same language?

Let’s say I’ve just had a great idea! Even better, let’s say I have done a load of research and now I have some facts and evidence that are┬áreally useful. Doing this research has increased my knowledge and now I would like to give that knowledge to you so that you can do your things […]

when ideas don’t create ripples

Ideas spreading are often compared to the ripples when a stone is thrown into a still pond. But not all ponds are water, and not all things you can throw are stones. The pool can be thick, embracing mud and your idea can sink without trace. Your idea can be a feather and make not […]

why do we think what we think?

Ideas. As I was saying yesterday, what we accept as fact or evidence depends on the appreciative system we are working in. Ideas come and go. Quite a few writers have given this a lot of thought. Bateson is one: How do ideas interact? Is there some sort of natural selection which determines the survival […]