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The Spice of Life

Originally posted on Squire to the Giants:
Variety is the spice of life. If everything were the same it would be rather boring. Happily, there is natural variety in everything. Let me use an example to explain: I was thinking about this as I was walking the dog the other day. I use the same…

Target alternatives

Two alternatives to the prevailing “social technology” or habit of using arbitrary targets to help us measure performance: 1. The Vanguard Method.  Vanguard has done ample research into “how we do what we do”. Mainly they work in the public sector, so it is not about agricultural research projects. But still, I can’t help but […]

Back on target

My post On Targets sparked off a hugely rich discussion with my Systems Thinking in Practice LinkedIn group. It is difficult to summarize such rich conversations so I hope I do it justice in eight points. 1. Publication targets are suitable for systems thinking. One thing i was wondering in my original post was whether […]